Valentino Achak Deng


Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility

Valentino joined Black Rhino in 2012. Prior to joining BRG, he was a social advocate for the universal right to education and sustainable growth. In 2006, Valentino established the VAD Foundation and has helped rebuild the South Sudanese communities by increasing educational access. Valentino was appointed State Minister of Education in South Sudan to oversee institution and operation of more than 800 community schools and staff. Valentino has worked with many global organizations that focus on youth empowerment and grass-root community development as well as major international corporations. He is also a member of high-ranking organizations like the Clinton Global Initiative, where he shared the stage with world leaders and global decision makers to discuss pressing issues challenging the world.


Tsehaye Negash Woldie
Senior Vice President, Government Relations

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Amadou Wadda
Director, Development

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