Empowering Africa – energising the continent, exploring growth

Africa is a land of rich resources and opportunities with natural gas, coal and renewable energy sources in abundance. And yet it has, according to the International Energy Agency, less electricity for the average African than is used to power a 50-watt light bulb;. The continent is in need of investment and infrastructure that can harness these natural resources and deliver much-needed power. Now that a significant number of African countries have welcomed private investors and adjusted regulations to allow for deeper investment in the power sector, this is finally starting to take shape and the Black Rhino Group is poised to fill this much-needed investment gap.

The Economist may have described Africa as the “bring your own infrastructure” continent, but we’re here, building the much-needed infrastructure and the future looks very bright, and energetic, indeed.

We are constantly looking to develop projects that benefit all the stakeholders, from the citizens of that country to governments, right through to investors. We are focused on high-priority projects that provide low-cost and reliable power solutions designed to increase economic and social development. The mega-projects that deliver sustainable energy and long-term value are exactly what is needed, and Black Rhino is bringing these into play.

Establishing these solutions needs specific development know-how and financing ability. The countries that are in need of this large-scale infrastructure investment want engagement and expertise – and this is where we excel. We understand the region and use this knowledge to address the bottlenecks in economic and social advancement. Empowering Africa means understanding what Africa needs and crafting the right infrastructure that allows for businesses to operate efficiently. People and organisations want the capability to pursue their goals and visions without being hamstrung by high costs and unreliable energy supplies.

That underlying infrastructure is our focus. We provide the right type of power generation and refined fuel or gas pipeline transportation framework that ensures uninterrupted supply at a minimal cost. This is of inordinate value to the regions we invest in, and to the people who live there. For us, the return extends beyond the business investment, which is the bottom line; it includes the moral and social development investment of the regions we work with. This continent is blossoming as the final developmental frontier of the modern world.

Black Rhino has some exciting plans ahead in 2015, targeting projects in Djibouti, Ethiopia, in Togo, in Nigeria and Mozambique. We are taking a long-term stake in the health of these countries across their economies, social systems and governments. There has been tremendous growth across Africa and long-term growth prospects look positive. Our plan is to invest in the region, focus on countries that have good governance and transparency, forge rich relationships and create sustainable projects with long-term benefits. And, of course, turn on the lights…

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