Frank Donohue

James Mcgowan

Senior Vice President

Frank’s career spans over four decades evenly split between time as an EPC contractor and as a developer/owner/operator of power plants. As an EPC contractor, Frank was part of the Catalytic Inc construction management team for several nuclear power plants including the decommissioning of the Peachbottom General Atomic plant, refueling of the Baltimore Gas & Electric Calvert Cliffs Unit 1 and the planning of the refueling of US Naval nuclear submarines. In addition, Frank served as a consultant for Westinghouse Nuclear on a retubing prototype at the Southern Cal Edison San Onofre Nuclear Plant Unit 1. Frank headed the EPC team on several large gas fired cogeneration plants while at Century Contractors including the 550 MW ARCO Lyondale Plant in Houston, Texas, Enron’s 465 MW Cogen Plant in Texas City, Texas, the Tenaska 250 MW Campbell Soup Plant in Paris, Texas, the 250 MW CR Wing Plant in Big Spring, Texas as well a several aeroderivative power plants in California and New York.

As a developer/owner/operator, Frank was a member of the Sithe management team and the GNPower management team responsible for the following facilities:
·       Independence Plant: 1000 MW gas fired facility in Oswego, NY (Engines: GE 7FA)
·       San Roque: Multi-purpose 435 MW hydro plant in Luzon, Philippines
·       Rades Power Plant: 450 MW gas fired power plant in Rades, Tunisia (Engines: GE 9EA)
·       Mystic Power Plant: 1400 MW gas fired power plant in Everett, Mass (Engines: MHI 501G)
·       Fore River Power Plant: 700 MW gas fired power plant in Weymouth, Mass (Engines: MHI 501G)
·       Goreway Power Plant: 900 MW gas fired power plant in Brampton, Ontario, Canada (Engines GE 7001 FB)
·       Bujagali Power Plant: 250 MW hydro plant in Bujagali, Uganda
·       Several multi-engine gas fired plants in Australia, China, Thailand and the USA (GE 6Bs, 7EAs, Westinghouse 501 D5As, Alstom Frame 6s)
·       GNPower Mariveles Plant: 600 MW subcritical coal fired plant in Mariveles, Luzon, Philippines
·       GNPower GNPK Plant: 600 MW subcritical coal fired plant in Kauswagan, Mindanao, Philippines
·       GNPower GNPD Plant: 1400 MW supercritical coal fired plant in Mariveles, Luzon, Philippines

Frank is experienced in the preparation of bid documents and specifications for hydro, coal and gas fired power plants as well as the negotiation of lump sum turnkey EPC contract terms and conditions.


James McGowan
Senior Vice President

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